Salmon Spindle Whorl

Sitting at the entrance to the newly renovated Park Royal Mall, the spindle whorl pays homage to the past. The woman of the Coast Salish people used the tool to spin mountain goat yarn for traditional clothing and sought after blankets. The Eyes around the perimeter symbolize ancestors watching over the people from all four directions. While the Salmon depict the 4 species that return on alternating years to West Vancouver rivers to spawn: the Pink, Coho, Chinook and Chum.

Below is a picture of the art being blessed, using feathers from the father, cedar from the mother and water to cleanse the piece. At the bottom of the page is artist Jody Broomfield with Mike Lanteigne, the Brenco Project Manager who works with our customers when we are part of these special projects.

Over 150 man hours went into cutting and fabricating this piece before it was ready for the public. Three stainless 10′ disks were waterjet cut and laminated together to create a single piece. A 16′ post was fabricated and installed through the center of the work giving it a top-like look when it rests naturally.