Metal Cutting Solutions

Brenco offers four cutting processes under one roof: Shearing, Plasma, Laser and Waterjet. This is important to you because it means that we can provide an honest assessment of which cutting process will best meet your requirements. Whatever it is you need cut, Brenco has the tools and experience to do it right.


Brenco has been providing laser cutting services since 1997. We currently operate three 5'-0" X 10'-0" cutting tables capable of quickly and accurately slicing through 1/2" mild steel plate as well as aluminum and stainless steel.


Brenco operates a 10'-0" X 50'-0" plasma table equipped with a Hypertherm HD400 power supply. To compliment the large table is a beveling cutting head that can provide straight as well as radius beveled edges.


Brenco operates 2 waterjet tables: 10' X 26' and 10' X 13' each equipped with 2 taper control cutting heads capable of cutting virtually any material up to 8" thick, precisely and without creating a heat affected zone (HAZ). This is the perfect cutting process for High Strength Alloy Steels, Non Ferrous Metals and Non Metallic Materials such as stone, glass and composites.


With the advancements in laser, waterjet and plasma technology, the shear has gone from being a critical piece of equipment to a spare piece of equipment. Having said that, there is still a need for shearing and Brenco operates two shears that can cut 20 ga through 1/2" plate.

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