Brenco COVID-19 Update

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Currently our plant is operating at full capacity.

Date Posted: March 26, 2020

For the safety of Brenco Staff and our community, our offices are closed to visitors until further notice. If there is reason for an appointment we will contact you to arrange it in advance.

OFFICE HOURS are 7 am to 3pm, please call us at 604-584-2700 and we will ensure you get the assistance you require. In effort to minimize contact within Brenco, some staff are operating from home and are reachable by email or cell phone.

TRUCK DRIVERS are asked to call us at 604-584-2700 for instructions as we have put protocols into place to minimize contact between shippers and drivers. For drop offs; please unstrap the load and return to your vehicle to await unloading. For pick ups; remain in your vehicle while we load your truck, we will advise once loading is complete so you can strap the load for transport. A signature is not required until further notice.

We understand that the current situation is changing daily and we will continue to do our best to accommodate the needs of staff and customers. We ask for your patience in this time of uncertainty as we strive to meet the needs of our customers while ensuring safety for our staff and community.

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