Global News: New recycling pilot project launched in Vancouver

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Date Posted: August 25, 2016

A former employee of Brenco who has gone on to study at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design is working with a team to develop a new style of garbage and recycling bin that will aid in more efficient and environmentally friendly collection of waste in public areas.

The goal of this project is to reduce the amount of cross contamination between landfill and recyclable items and to create a new standard for garbage bins being placed in public spaces.

There are four bins in this design; one for landfill garbage, one for mixed paper, one for organics and one for mixed recyclables.

Brenco worked with the team from concept to a functional prototype which was installed in the real world and tested by the public as well as the city workers emptying the bins. The inner bin tilts out to allow the worker to take out the full bag and replace it and then a hinge and spring on the bottom of the bin ensures it hinges back into place. This automatic close feature was designed so that waste is thrown into the bagged bin rather than between the inner and outer bin if the bin is adjusted to be sorted through by non-city employees.

After testing the prototype for a number of months the city commissioned 102 of these bins for a pilot project throughout parts of downtown. Brenco was happy to work with the designers to provide advice then laser cut, form and fabricate the bins. Click on the Global news article below to watch the video.

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