Safety Intervention and Communication With Bob Vaughan

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Date Posted: February 21, 2017

Bob Vaughan was Finning's Quality Improvement Manager until head office was moved to Edmonton in 1999. Since then, Bob has been (in his own words), "assisting good companies to become great companies." In January, Brenco invited Mr. Vaughan to lead our employees in a Safety Intervention and Communication Workshop.

The three and a half hour event provided our staff with skills to create a safer work environment. Bob's message is both unorthodox and engaging. The majority of industrial accidents, he told us, can best be reduced through changing behaviours. This strategy, he said, is closely followed by improving ergonomics, but after that, all other strategies such as safety campaigns, management audits and personnel selection are relatively ineffective. Bob explains that for various reasons, communication between workers on the factory floor can be challenging. Through exercises, he teaches how to have difficult conversations without being confrontational. Brenco staff appreciated that these skills are just as useful at home as they are at work. All agreed that they enjoyed the session and gained a better understanding of human behaviour.

We highly recommend Bob Vaughan to help you improve communication in your organization. For information, email Bob Vaughan at

The majority of industrial accidents can best be reduced through changing behaviours.
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