What’s your Waste-O-Saurus?

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Date Posted: March 21, 2016

Wäs-tö-sau-rús, n. [Waste, and Gr. sauros. a lizard.] A cute but troublesome creature that wastes time and material. The Waste-O-saurus is elusive but commonly identified through reduced profit and productivity.

A Waste-O-saurus is a time and money waster. It disguises itself in a million deferent ways. Sometimes it comes from being penny wise but pound foolish. Saving a couple bucks buying an inferior product can cost a small fortune in lost production time, product failure and worse, an unhappy customer.

Other examples of a Waste-O-saurus include unnecessary movement of material, bloated inventories and rejected parts. Even inadequate material handling can create a Waste-O-saurus. The trick is knowing what to look for. One customer pointed out that unwanted emails are a Waste-O-saurus.

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