Brenco Project Gallery

Turning a Flat Sheet into Metal with Purpose

We get called on to some really interesting projects, like making parts for the 2010 Olympic Caldron and 28 Canadian Coast Guard boats. We've had our hand in some incredible artwork and helped physicist research sub atomic particles. If you've been drenched at a water park by a giant bucket of water you can blame us for that. If you've zip lined in Whistler, you've been suspended by parts made by Brenco. That's diversity. Below is a small sampling of a few of our fantastic projects. Click on an image to learn more about our involvement.

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Honour Ranch Gate

Whistler Audain Contemporary Art Museum

Leave it to Me

Waterpark Tipping Buckets

It Doesn’t Have to Start Flat

Memorial Totem at UBC Mechanical Engineering Department

Concept to Actualization, Vancouver Garbage Bins

Supernatural Eye (Kenji Nagai)

The Flame Seen Around the World - The Olympic Cauldron

Salmon Spindle Whorl


Rolling 3/8″ Mild Steel Plate

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